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IMMS believes education and outreach are components of its mission in conservation and research of marine mammals and sea turtles in the wild and under human care. This is partly because education touches so many people in countless ways and has the potential to produce great results that may affect our society and environment.

In order to fulfill the responsibility of education and outreach, IMMS offers a variety of services and programs. These include:

Future Programs

  • An Evening at IMMS
    For those that can’t make it to IMMS during the day, we plan to offer an expanded array of lectures and programs of interest to professionals, students and the general public. As part of this developing program, Dr. Louis Herman founder of the Kewalo Basin Marine Mammal Laboratory and President of The Dolphin Institute, a preeminent authority on the study of dolphin cognition presented an evening of insight into his groundbreaking research of dolphin intelligence.

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Educational Resources
IMMS is proud to offer educational resources to enhance learning about marine mammals. Educators may download and print our marine mammal fact sheets, lesson plans, and more. More Details
Dolphin FAQ's
Click below to access a Frequently Asked Questions page about dolphins. The page provides answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive at IMMS. More Details
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