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“Protect Dolphins” License Plate Available!
License Plate Issued
In 2008, the Mississippi State Tax Commission approved a new “Protect Dolphins” license plate that will benefit the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies (IMMS), a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization. Proceeds from the sales of these plates will help further the work IMMS does in dolphin research, stranded dolphin rescue and rehabilitation, marine conservation, and educational activities for students and the general public. Funds are also being used to aid in our current efforts involving the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.

After the long, anticipated wait, the IMMS "Protect Our Dolphins" license plate is available for purchase at your local tax collector's office for $31. We would like to thank all those who participated in the pre-sale of this tag.

The Mississippi State Tax Commission required the original design to be modified slightly before being finalized. Even with the alterations, the design still illustrates dolphins, the Biloxi lighthouse, and the ocean. These three features represent our celebrated Mississippi Gulf Coast and the spirit of IMMS.

If you have any questions about the tag please contact us at the number below.

Office phone: (228) 896-9182 ext. 1761 or (228) 701-1761
Office fax: (228) 896-9183

Thank you for your support!

* Please note that the image design displayed here may be slightly modified before it is finalized on the license plate at the discretion of the Mississippi State Tax Commission.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Are the dolphin tags available at my county tax collector’s office?

The dolphin tags are currently available at your local county tax collector’s office.

2. What happens after IMMS pre-sells 300 tags?

After IMMS pre-sells 300 tags, production of the dolphin tags will begin. People who pre-ordered tags through IMMS will be notified to pick up their tags from their county tax collector’s office and in the future, anyone else who wishes to purchase a tag can do so at tax collector’s office.

3. If IMMS does not pre-sell 300 tags will I get my money back?

IMMS has pre-sold the 300 tags.

4. I currently have a handicap license plate. If I get a dolphin tag, will I be able to keep the handicap symbol on my license plate?

No. If you get a dolphin tag, you will no longer have the handicap symbol on your license plate.

5. Will I be able to personalize my dolphin tag?

No, you cannot personalize your dolphin tag. The dolphin tag will have up to four numeric digits that cannot be pre-assigned.

6. How do I pick up my tag when it becomes available?

You will receive notification from IMMS when your tag is available (Please keep us updated should your contact information change). Go to your county tax collector’s office and swap your current tag for the new dolphin tag. You may be asked to show proof of purchase or your receipt. If your registration is current, there will be no payment required at the tax collector’s office. Be sure to keep the receipt we send you until you pick up your tag.

7. Can I get a dolphin tag for my trailer or motorcycle?

No, the dolphin tag will not be available for trailers or motorcycles.

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